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🔏Synopses & takeaways from blockchain events around the world ⛓️



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As more and more blockchain related events are happening around the world, the need for takeaways and key points is becoming a necessity.

Not being able to physically attend something should not mean you cannot access the insights, knowlege and practical information provided.

We are looking for crowdsourced takeaways from talks, events, meetups you have attended and feel should be shared with the broader community.

Definition of Done

It can be as simple as a complete and clear bullet point list with notes about specific topics discussed, speakers, ideas from people you have met at the event etc.

Include relevant/memorable quotes (if any)
Loose format: What was the event about?/Event Tagline/ (link to event)

Memorable information: this can be interesting location, attendence, speaker lineup etc.

Quotes from speakers/attendees is a bonus (make sure you attribute to correct speaker)


A correct submission will:

  • the event covered should be a blockchain based/themed event
  • include the name & location of the event and links to the event page
  • contain insights from the event written out clearly and intelligibly
  • any quotes should be attributed to the right speaker/attendee etc.
  • only clear, relevant & valuable contributions will be accepted (a one liner saying X event was good will not do)
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