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🎨🔥 Faces of Ethereum Project - The Bounties Network x Pixura x #ArtProject Decentralized 🖌️📸





In an attempt to creatively capture the energy of the wonderful people that make up the Ethereum community, The Bounties Network in collaboration with the #ArtProject Decentralized community, and Pixura is creating a digital gallery with tokenized digital images of the most artistic and original photographs of the “Faces of Ethereum.”

The project is designed to capture the humans building this new technology and celebrating them. Submissions can be photographs, GIFs, oil paintings, sculptures…it just has to be creative and artistic.

How do I submit my artwork?

Upload your portrait artwork and the name of the individual portrayed to this bounty. We will then upload them onto the gallery that we'll create on the freshly Mainnet launched Pixura!

The goal is to create a giant image made up up of all the portraits we'll gather throughout 2019 and then sell this image at auction at Devcon V and disperse the funds to all contributing artists.

This bounty is merely an incentivization tool to get artists submitting work and NOT a valuation of what the art pieces are worth! Pixura will also allow for the sale of the individual pieces.

Definition of Done

  • png, jpeg or gif file
  • dimensions are up to you
  • creative depiction of the humans buidling Ethereum


A correct submission will consist of:

  • file as described above
  • aligned with our community goals: inclusivity, creativity & growth
  • file size: 10MB max






Sergej Müller

That's me in person.

Me, hanging out in space with Ethereum

Freelancer and blockchain developer

Viktor Radchenko Portrait - Founder at Trust Wallet


Daniel Ebri

Antoine Toulme, Wei Tang and Péter Szilágyi…. Me


Daniel Ebri

Antoine Toulme, Wei Tang and Péter Szilágyi…. Me

Adrian Pirela


Self-portrait artwork :)

Bernhard Mueller Portrait