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[BBYO] Tell Us What Excites You About Crypto




Cryptocurrencies are changing the world, and as young people you are going to feel the effects more than any other generation. We want to hear from you- what is it about cryptocurrencies and blockchains that excites you the most? What use-cases are you waiting to build or use?

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The endless applications to real-life use cases.

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I think crypto is one of the motivating factors about our future. We can use them wherever it is accepted. I love crypto because of the benefits it offers, it can help us transfer money anywhere there is internet, which can help us connect with many people in countries and have more friends. However, to do this requires basic learning and familiarity with it.

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Cryptocurrencies are new features and new quality of the Internet. I like to be at the forefront of progress.

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Crypto gives me chance to win various hackathon and travel around the globe.


I am very fascinated by many components of crypto currencies. I had very little knowledge before today and now I am very interested in all their capabilities. I think the use and concept of block chains is amazing and I can't wait to see what uses it will have in the future.


This stuff is fun and I’m excited to learn notebook


i am interested in learning how people send money anonymously. and how people make millions of dollars off of this industry.


the possibility of job creation from crypto


I am extremely interested in how people make money by investing their money into it. I am also interested in how the back end code works with all the verifications and how it all remains anonymous.

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Cryptocurrency excites me because it provides an opportunity to earn money and make startup companies. You can also use it as a new branch of software development like block chain and bounty network.