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🗺️BOOST Bounty - Help Bounties Network, UNICEF Ventures & ETHDenver Find a Logo for Our Boost Token 🗺️


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Rewarding efforts that make the world a better place with the Boost token

🌐The Bounties Network and UNICEF Ventures, in collaboration with ETHDenver, created a non-monetary value token to reward individuals and communities for their positive and impactful actions. The name of the token is BOOST (BST).

🌐The first prototype of this project will be during ETHDenver and will be used to encourage attendees to contribute to the fulfillment of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in order to earn the tokens in question, which will grant recipients value-driven benefits such as early access to events, mentorship sessions, incubator-style support and more.

🌐We now need your help to create a logo for the token! We picked the name through a bounty and so want the community to help us find a logo too! The best submission will be adapted, modified, or used as is for the Boost token logo.

See details here:

Additional sources of inspiration:

Definition of Done

Finished, high quality vector and PNG files


A correct submission will:

Encapsulate the vision of the token
Be in the correct format
Look awesome
Be original work