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[Pre-Launch Bounty] Create a screencast of you installing assist.js into a dapp


Blocknative's assist.js is a javascript widget you can embed into a dapp to help with onboarding, transaction notifications, and user success analytics. It has been designed to require minimal setup. You can read more about Blocknative and assist.js's features here:

Leading up to a more public launch, we would like some more feedback on installing our library. Please screencast yourself installing assist.js. You do not have to put assist.js into a live, mainnet dapp. We only need a screencast of you installing it and testing it out, even if only locally. We would like to see you writing code. We want to see where you run into trouble. We would like your thoughts on how we can improve our documentation.

As this is a new library, you may run into problems and not be able to continue. This is still incredibly useful, so credit will be given to those who submit a screencast of even attempting to install assist.js into their dapp.

Once you are accepted for the bounty, we will provide an assist.js API key.

Once your screencast is created, I will provide a Google Drive link you can upload it to.





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