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#ETHDenver Chronicles Bounty #1 (simple pictures, short video)



ETHDenver Chronicles – an open source recap film.

Seriously though…what better way to capture an event dedicated to building the distributed future than by distributing the documentation itself!

Please read the full blogpost for context.


  • Send a photo of you or with friends at #ETHDenver or record a short 15 second video. Read the blog post above for inspirations of what you might take pictures or record.


A correct submission will:

  • Be at, or headed to in preparation for the #ETHDenver event
  • Have a photo without blur or diminished quality
  • If a video up to 15 seconds of length at #ETHDenver or packing goods etc. in .mp4 format
  • If entering this bounty please share on social media using the hashtag #ETHDenverChronicles & tag Status and Bounties Network (Not a strict requirement for a successful entry but much appreciated!)
  • Label your content with your name, date captured, and a simple description of what it is
  • If your file-size is too large for submission here please use this shared dropbox folder https://www.dropbox.com/request/pJhjMmVwDuLxfvlK1CIF





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