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Complete a Zoom Interview on Cryptocurrency Mining



Are you a cryptocurrency miner?

We are TAL (Trustless Atomic Loans), an early-stage ConsenSys-backed company working on a new project to allow cryptocurrency miners to leverage their mining rewards in cryptocurrency-backed loans to cover capital expenses. Specifically, we are building a protocol that would enable miners to create debt agreements on their own terms, from the safety of their own wallets.

Details and procedure

For this bounty, we will be hosting interview calls with cryptocurrency miners over Zoom on the topics of cryptocurrency-backed loans. Each interview will last 60 minutes. To qualify for the interview, you must have at minimum one computer or setup running 24/7 for cryptocurrency mining, although larger mining operations are preferred.

Here's how to fulfill the bounty

  1. Sign up for this bounty here at:
  2. Complete the pre-interview questionnaire, sent in a follow-up email, before 20th January 2018.
  3. Schedule an interview appointment with the team.
  4. Complete the interview session with the team. Interviews will be conducted from 21st to 31st January 2019.

Each interview will last 60 minutes. If you're curious about the work we're doing with cryptocurrency backed loans, you can refer to our paper.

Atomic Loans Whitepaper:

Here's how to fulfill the bounty

  • Completed a pre-interview questionnaire
  • Arranged and participated in an audio/video interview with TAL team

Bounties Reward

  • 50 DAI for completing an interview
  • For all successful fulfilment of bounty, tokens will be released via Bounties Network





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