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I am an oracle but I can’t decide what to predict!


#I am an oracle but I can’t decide what to predict!
Ask me an interesting question about the future that meets this criteria below:

  1. It must be in the form of a question that can be publicly verifiable and end in 60 days or less.
  2. The topic must relate to world news, pop culture, or internet culture. No sports, crypto, or movie rating topics.
  3. It must be interesting and specific, not guessing weather or price movements.

Good Examples:

  • What Game of Thrones character will die on episode 4 season 10 when it airs on Dec 17th?
  • Will another Trump cabinet member leave their position by Nov 25th?
  • Will Jair Bolsonaro formally announce Brazil’s intention to leave the UN by Dec 15th?
    Bad Examples:
  • What will the average speed be for the finisher in 10th place at the Mexico GP on Nov 11th?
  • What will the temperature be at noon during the Tour de France?
  • Will a human land on Mars successfully by Dec 31st 2030?

For more inspiration for questions to ask, checkout PredictIt for politics, BetFair for pop culture, and Metaculus for far reaching predictions.

Not all submissions will be accepted. If your submission is accepted I will reimburse any rejected submission fees upon request.

Quality Submissions will be given up to 45000 Satoshis total. Quality not quantity please. I cannot accept duplicate questions, you can view the active list of predictions here.

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