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Are you a data scientist? Are you part of an AI/technology startup? Do you eat data for breakfast? If so, we want to hear from you.

Ocean Protocol is launching a series of research campaign to learn more about your data workflow and views on the state of AI and Machine Learning. We are inviting all data scientists, AI researchers, and representatives from data/AI-centric businesses to participate in this research bounty to help us gather more insights on the topics of AI, data, and blockchain.

We here to help support you with this so please don't hesitate to reach us directly at our Telegram or

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Details and Procedures

For this bounty, we will be hosting interviews on the topics of AI, data and blockchain. It will be a written interview, and you will be given 2 weeks to complete the interview which consist of 10 to 15 open-ended questions. To qualify for the interview, you must have adequate knowledge in the domain of AI and/or blockchain – preferably holding the position of:

  • Data Scientist,
  • Data Engineer,
  • AI Researcher,
  • AI/data-related roles in a startup or a established company,
  • Senior manager/director/advisor role in a data/AI-centric company.

Here’s how to fulfil the bounty

1. Sign up for this bounty here at:
2. Complete the pre-interview questionnaire, sent in a follow-up email, before 31st December 2018.
3. Complete the interview questions sent to your email. You’ll be given 14 days to complete the written interview.

An estimated duration required to complete the written interview is 45 minutes. To better facilitate discussion during the interview, it will be useful to check out our whitepaper and website prior to the interview.

Topics covered in Interview

  • Technology Stack
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Collection and Sharing
  • Blockchain and Tokens

Definition of Done

  • Completed a pre-interview questionnaire
  • Arranged and participated in an written interview with Ocean Protocol team

Bounties Reward

  • 1 × 250 Proto-Ocean tokens for each completed interview
  • For all successful fulfilment of bounty, tokens will be released via Bounties Network

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PROCN is a proto-Ocean token. Successful fulfiller that earn PROCN will be able to convert them 1:1 to Ocean tokens on network launch (currently Ocean Token is valued at 0.20 EUR). Network launch is expected to happen by Mar 31, 2019. Until then PROCN will be locked and non-transferrable in the ETH wallet to which it is delivered to.

Ocean Protocol uses Bounties Network to distribute our bounties. To be able to receive bounty reward, you must have a valid Metamask account tied to a Bounties Network account.





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