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Steps for early web3 adopters to reach minimum viable web3 work ID. A MVW3-WID contains 3 peer work proofs. The proofs could be for your day job, an open source project, a hackathon or workshop you've attended. Satoshi has a MVW3-WID:

Steps to definition of done

1:- Sign-up to: use a company email for validation where possible. A decentralised sign-up creates an ENS subdomain for you and deploys your identity contract to the main network.

2:- Request 3 proofs: Start building your profile by clicking the 'Request' button on your profile enter a colleagues email & organisation (past or present) that can provide a verifiable work proof for you. You can proof your colleagues too.

3:- Claim reward: Once you've collected at least 3 proofs, reference or alternative proofs (event/workshop/course/hackathon). Then submit your profile to review here.

Further instructions:


Have 3 work proofs displaying on your profile. They may be a mix of different types of proofs. Your proofers must have socially authenticated to know who's staking their social identity to qualify.

The idea is that when you reach MVW3-WID (, your web3 ID will have sufficient weight that it could be used to get new jobs/pieces of work, prove your credibility of character for other walks of web3 life.