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BlockTO Community Validator -


Please note, to qualify for this bounty you must have attended a BlockTO meetup in the past or rsvp to attend the next meetup - Block8

Welcome 😎

Thank you for your involvement in the BlockTO community. This bounty is to help educate our members on some of the offerings around, and how to get it set up and running.

The reward for completing this bounty will be 1 DAI, a shoutout at our upcoming BlockTO event and ConsenSys Canada newsletter. In addition, receive a community validator appreciation badge on the platform.


To claim this bounty the following tasks need to be completed:

  1. Learn about
  2. Create an account and try the beta ->
  3. Create a Consortium blockchain and set it up however you like options wise.
  4. Add an Environment and set it up however you like.
  5. Add an Node and set it up however you like.
  6. Addng an Node should have also created two services for you, Block Explorer and EtherPool. If it didn't, add the Block Explorer manually by selecting Add Services and selecting Block Explorer.
  7. Click View The Block Explorer and take a screenshot of your block explorer — you will need to provide this to complete the bounty

Definition of Done & Requirements

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