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Create Telegram Stickers for Ocean Protocol

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Telegram community, we hear you! How can we possibly forget about stickers?

For this design bounty, we want you to get your creative juices going and develop Telegram stickers for Ocean Protocol! Anything related to Ocean Protocol, AI, data, and jellyfishes are our absolute favorites – be as expressive as you like. We look forward to your submission, and we can't wait to start using your stickers in our Telegram chats!

We here to help support you with this so please don't hesitate to reach us directly at our Telegram.

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Definition of Done

  • Recorded your intention to fulfil bounty on this Bounties.Network page with your name and contact e-mail – do not submit your final work here
  • Telegram Sticker set submission of 12 stickers in PNG format, sent to
  • You may be required to perform a maximum of 2 revisions
  • Top three sticker sets to be chosen by the Ocean Protocol Team and Telegram community will receive Ocean Tokens.

Bounties Proposal

  • 1 × 500 Ocean Tokens for top submission, selected by Ocean Protocol Team
  • 2 × 250 Ocean Tokens for popular submissions, voted by Telegram community


Your submission should contain a Telegram sticker set of at least 12 stickers and it should arrive no later than 3 December 2018. Please send your bounty submission to

We know you are as excited as we are, but please do not use your sticker set within the Telegram chat prior to our bounty result announcement. All successful fulfiller are expected to agree to license your work under Creative Commons – Attribution 4.0 International.

Here's what a correct submission will look like:

  • Have 12 stickers in a set
  • Have stickers that are expressive, creative and MUST be related to Ocean Protocol
  • Not contain anything that is offensive
  • Not contain anything related to investment of crypto – like When Lambo, HODL, etc.
  • Abbreviations are allowed
  • The format of the stickers should be 512 × 512
  • Must be in PNG with a transparent background.

For more information:

Bounty Detail

PROCN is a Proto-Ocean token. Successful fulfiller that earn PROCN will be able to convert them 1:1 to Ocean tokens on network launch (currently Ocean Token is valued at 0.20 EUR). Network launch is expected to happen by Mar 31, 2019. Until then PROCN will be locked and non-transferrable in the ETH wallet to which it is delivered to.






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