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Organize a local Ocean Protocol event


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We need your help building our community and reaching new corners of the globe! This is a community bounty, and requires no technical expertise to make it happen.

You can fulfil this bounty by organizing and an Ocean Protocol-themed meetup in your local community. Speaker topics should relate to Ocean Protocol and/or its ecosystem (collaborators, data science, AI). We are happy to provide Ocean swag, sponsorship & mentorship- and if possible, we can have an Ocean team member speak at your event (in person or virtually).

Minimum of 20 attendees required to fulfil this bounty. We here to help support you with this so please don't hesitate to contact us at community@oceanprotocol.com

Definition of Done

A successful submission will require you to fulfil these 3 things:

1 Pre Event
Inform us of your plans to organize an Ocean event (submit a brief description of event), and send us a link to the event signup page (we can help you with promotion and marketing)

2 During Event
Post at least one live tweet during the event that tags us at @oceanprotocol and #ANewDataEconomy

3 Post Event
Submit photos and/or video content that you generate during the event + a short writeup (1 paragraph) describing who spoke, what they spoke about and highlights from the Q&A session.

What you will need to complete this bounty

  1. Basic knowledge of Ocean Protocol project
  2. Access to a suitable event location





  • OcĂ©an comunity so cool

    7 days ago

  • Please submit your submission via the Bounties Network as your first step, before contacting community@oceanprotocol.com. This helps us ensure that we receive your proposal! Thanks.

    a month ago