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Make graphs with energy data from a Bigchain Database




De database is filled with real-time energy data from various devices. You will create a production ready solution with great user interface. The code is open source and will help consumers give insight into their energy usage.

Definition of Done

  • the user sees a dashboard with multiple useful statistics about his device or all connected devices. The user can select two dates and sees statistics for that period for his device or all devices. Visualize by using graphs or meters.


A correct submission will:

  • be published on github
  • open your own issue in both oehu-website for the front end stuff and in oehu-api for the backend stuff
  • we will help you setup the project locally
  • commit quick and often
  • comment your code
  • the average user can use it without problem





  • Hi Vlad, I will update this bounty next week. There should be devices by than to work with

    20 days ago

  • circle

    Vlad Silviu Farcas

    Any updates?

    20 days ago

  • I will be releasing more details tomorrow.

    a month ago

  • atm0sphere

    I want to work on this. Please let me know more about it.

    a month ago

  • circle

    Santiago Gonzalez Toral

    Hi, I'm interested to work on this bounty. do you already have planned which data viz framework and chart types to use?

    a month ago