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Russell Verbeeten

Thank you for taking the time to share your idea with Interop.

Interop is a Podcast about Use Cases enabled by Interoperation between 2 or more decentralized platforms.

Decentralized platforms provide infrastructure for developers and entrepreneurs to build the applications they care about.

Describe a Use Case that you believe could be executed on 2 or more decentralized platforms. If your idea is selected, Interop will pay the best people familiar with each of those platforms to discuss how those platforms can work together. Ideally the platforms you select should already have an alpha version and working code.

Interop is on UJO, and is powered by Bounties.







John Packel


I have a spoke at ConsenSys called Ansero, focused on solutions for managing business travel (from the company perspective). While our first product doesn't have its alpha version ready yet (but when it does I'll have interop ideas to share), we've talked with Dave Perry at ConsenSys about the potential for prediction markets focused on supply and demand curves in travel.

We also talked about the potential for another spoke of mine, Localties.io (loyalty points platform for small businesses), to partner with Viant in the future to look at the supply chains of our merchants.

So my idea is this: a Viant customer invites internal stakeholders to do a prediction market on Gnosis to either identify issues with its supply chain that are being called out currently or predict supply/demand curves.

I'd love to hear Dave Perry and Martin and/or Stefan from Gnosis discussing this with Tyler and/or Kishore from Viant.