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πŸ”₯ Onboarding to Status + Access to the Prague Bounties Network πŸ’™






Here is your first chance to earn some ETH in Prague!

To access the platform - which will be used for several bounties throughout Prague Blockchain Week, you'll need to download Status Beta for iOS or Android.

Android: Simply download Status from the PlayStore and follow the app setup

iOS: Sign up for access via a TestFlight request here and you will receive an invitation to TestFlight and code to access Status. Once you enter the code you can begin app setup.

Already using Status?

Make sure you have the most current version. Android: If you are not automatically asked to update, go to in the PlayStore and click β€˜Update’

iOS: Within TestFlight, make sure you see Version 0.9.29 and tap β€˜INSTALL’

Accessing the Prague Bounties Network:

The Prague environment is on Mainnet and it's where you'll get the chance to fulfill a whole load of bounties, earn tokens and even create your own bounties should you need anything during your time in Prague!

On your Status home screen, click the + at the top right - Open dApp - type in It will take you straight to the Prague environment we'll be using across Prague Blockchain Week to include Winding Tree Hackathon, Status' #cryptolife, Devcon4 and more!

Definition of Done

Submit a mobile screenshot of the Status home screen to include


A correct submission will:
be a screenshot as detailed above





  • All accepted now!

    3 months ago

  • circle

    Georg Glaser

    When will the bounties be paid out? Mine is pending for a while now

    3 months ago

  • You can have submissions private or public - I had it as public. It's all private now!

    4 months ago

  • FYI I can see the email addresses of everyone who has created a submission for this bounty. Seems like a pretty bad privacy leak.

    4 months ago

  • For iOS, you'll need to head to and enter your email address to receive the code!

    4 months ago