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About CryptoChicks ☆

We are a non-profit blockchain educational hub with a mission to grow the professional and leadership potential of women in blockchain technology.

CryptoChicks makes learning fun! We promote innovation through education, mentorship and hackathons. Our events are open to everyone, but we are particularly focused on educating women and high-school students.

We believe that their involvement will help blockchain realize its enormous potential as an instrument of positive change in the world.

☆ Watch a cool video intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Abst2jZWZIQ&t=1s

Our Global Chapters <

Canada ** https://cryptochicks.ca/
USA ** http://nyc.cryptochicks.ca/
Pakistan ** http://pakistan.cryptochicks.ca/
Bahamas ** http://bahamas.cryptochicks.ca/
Bulgaria ** https://bulgaria.cryptochicks.ca/
Russia ** https://moscow.cryptochicks.ca/

CryptoChicks Fundraising Bounty ☆

Through this bounty, we seek to raise funds for our global hackathons! We love innovative projects, and we love the idea of a bounties network. It is an amazing way to connect with the community.

The goal is to contribute to our success by funding the bounty.

We couldn’t have done all the work we have accomplished now without our dedicated team of volunteers and global ambassadors.

Check out our hackathon in Toronto: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0uZCSUugaY

— Objectives of the bounty —

We seek to raise contributions that will help us develop more workshops in our educational programs. We will also use the money raised towards our next hackathons and events.

Get in touch with us via Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin or at stayintouch@cryptochicks.ca

We’d love to hear your ideas on how to bring this movement to the next level!!


Any contribution helps!

For this bounty, the anticipated payout will be $15k in the form of Ether or other ERC 20 tokens before distribution of funds begins.

Here ae some of the things the money will be used for:

  • venue, food, drinks
  • volunteer prizes
  • hackathon awards
  • developing workshops

Thank you !! ♡♡♡

Follow the CryptoChicks on Twitter: @crypto_chicks

Like us on Facebook: @CryptoChicksOrg

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cryptochicks-blockchain-and-cryptocurrencies-for-ladies/