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This will be a MediaWiki extension to accept membership dues in the form of the cryptocurrency Manna. You can sign up to receive Manna at A GitCoin bounty will be created on

Membership dues can be paid per month, or for the year. MediaWiki users paying in Manna will have the ability to edit pages and be part of a community. Different MediaWiki installs accepting Manna could have different focuses, including topics like education, learning, and research. MediaWiki can be used to display entertainment related content as well. MediaWiki is versatile.

View specifications:

Once you have successfully demonstrated a functional MediaWiki extension that sufficiently matches the described specifications, the bounty will be paid.

This is an idea for a MediaWiki extension that enables MediaWiki installations to create new user accounts after a fee of Manna cryptocurrency fee is paid. This effectively creates the ability for MediaWiki sites to be function as paid membership websites with Manna as a method of payment.

MediaWiki is the software that runs Wikipedia.

The extension should allow to set different fees for a yearly or monthly membership. Accounts will be locked if yearly or monthly dues are not paid on time. The ability to manually lock accounts should be built into the extension too.

Memberships are non refundable, except in cases of membership termination by wiki operators. If a membership is terminated by the operators, then individuals may be refunded half the membership fee (minus transaction fees) if the termination occurs less than six months into a yearly membership. If a membership is past the six month mark of the the yearly cycle, then no refund will be issued. Monthly memberships should not be refundable.

Users should be emailed and prompted to pay their dues 1 month, 1 week, and 1 day before their membership is locked for lack of payment in Manna.

The extension can be called Extension:Manna.

If you want to see this MediaWiki extension created, please contribute to this Gitcoin reward.

Please contribute to the specifications. Just please make sure that they are inline with this general description of the extension here.

Recommended default fees are 1 Manna per month or 10 Manna per year. The default membership fees could be lowered as the value of Manna increases.

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